chicago cityscapes gallery description

Composition and the city of Chicago are the star attractions in this gallery. And throughout the body of work, there is more effort in remaining true to the subject.

From corner to corner, the frame is filled with exacting sharpness and abundant detail. Design elements such as space, shape, line, and texture, are employed to direct the viewer's eye both around and into the image. The resulting photography is the dynamic coordination of two dimensional movement, three dimensional depth, and the perfect time of day.

Many of the images were found while exploring the city on bicycle. And quite a few images have inadvertently become historic. As Chicago continually updates itself, things change. Some views open up, and others disappear. However, one thing remains; Chicago will always be a fun and challenging city to photograph.

Chicago Cityscapes Photo Links

Wabash Ave. at the Chicago River Columbus Dr. at Randolph Daley Civic Center Marina City Division St. Bridge 860 N. Lake Shore Dr. Sears Tower Ashland Ave. and Cortland Tower Self Park Congress Pkwy at Wabash